We Had Our Baby… Part 2 with Lee and Izabela Cormier

Yay! They had their baby. In this episode of the Building Us podcast, hosted by Erik Garcia, CFP®, and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT, listen in as Izabela Cormier and Lee Cormier share their experience of having baby Cormier #1. Check out their initial conversation with Lee and Izabela.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lee introduces the new member of their family. (2:10)
  • Izabela shares how her pregnancy went. (8:58)
  • Lee shares the feeling of being involved in Izabela’s pregnancy. (15:33)
  • What were Izabela and Lee’s first experiences like holding their newborn baby? (20:41)
  • Izabela shares what happened after waking up from her pregnancy. (24:37)
  • What are some of the unexpected experiences in Lee and Izabela’s new parenting journey? (26:31)
  • Izabela shares her anxiety experience. (33:31)
  • Lee discusses the protective instincts he’s experiencing as a parent. (38:06)

Key Quotes:

  • “Since then, we’ve had a couple of scares here and there. And, most of them due to us being new parents, and not knowing what we’re doing, and trying our best to know what we’re doing, and to keep her safe and healthy.” – Lee Cormier
  • “ As a dad, as a partner, your role is to be the best sidekick possible, and alleviate any type of pain and pressure and stress. Then, you can do the best job in the world.” – Lee Cormier
  • “I think me, as a mom… it’s brought out depths that I didn’t know were there. And, I can be a lot more empathetic with a lot more people now. Like, other people who have had children, who have had losses, and things like that… I can understand what they’re going through.” – Izabela Cormier

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