Finding Her Voice with Erica and Austin Edenfield #ApraxiaAwareness

We take the ability to speak for granted. Erik Garcia, CFP®, and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT sit down with Erica Edenfield and Austin Edenfield, ATP/SMS as they share their story of helping their daughter find her voice. Austin’s unique professional experience and Erica’s motherly instinct lead them to advocate for their daughter to get to the bottom of their daughter’s disability. #ApraxiaAwareness

Episode Highlights:

  • What kind of technology is Austin working on? (4:27)
  • Austin mentions how he met Erica. (6:40)
  • Erica explains what Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is, and its symptoms. (10:18)
  • How did they notice that their child has Apraxia? (12:26)
  • How does Austin’s career of helping people express themselves begin to intersect with his daughter’s life? (18:29)
  • Erica mentions the difference between a phonological disorder and a motor planning disorder. (20:11)
  • Austin shares how his work started to connect with speech disorders. (21:51)
  • Austin mentions one thing he noticed about their therapist. (25:43)
  • Erica and Austin speak about how people tend to interact with those who have disabilities. ? (28:48)
  • Austin mentions one of the things people may not be aware of. (38:19)

Key Quotes:

  • “Her having an iPad to communicate now, that success isn’t always measured by what she can voice, but people can communicate through technology now.” – Erica Edenfield
  • “Now our daughter is around the best kind of communication intervention, the best kind of team that she could be around. We’re around some of the best of the best here in the Nashville area. So, a lot of positives have come out of it.” – Austin Edenfield
  • “Knowing that person’s why is as important as knowing what they know. People can always acquire knowledge down the road, right? But, if someone’s passionate and driven to help your child, I would take that over someone who has a Ph.D. and all these other things.” – Austin Edenfield

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