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I have learned over the years that emotions make for terrible advisors. Our emotions often lead us to make poor decisions, which is nowhere more true than with our money.

We live in wild and uncertain economic times that elicit a lot of our emotions.  And unfortunately, where there is a lot that matters, much is out of our control.




I want to equip you in an area of your money that is within your control.


James Clear in Atomic Habits says:


"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."


Rarely do I speak with someone who has not set a goal to budget. The obstacle for most is they rarely build a system to “fall” to. The goal of budgeting is not enough for success.


Our “Budgeting Made Easy” course will teach you a system to “fall” to.


In her book, “The Next Millionaire Next Door,” Sarah Fallaw says:


“For those who make an average to above-average income in the United States, the path to economic success necessitates a certain amount of restraint in consumption.  It requires an awareness and inoculation from the consumerism and affluenza that plagues many households with significant income levels.” (emphasis mine).


There is a lot of stuff out there we want to buy. If we do not restrain our spending, we will have little to show for our income.


Financially wealthy people know how to convert their income into wealth.


It starts with spending less than you make.


Our course “Budgeting Made Easy” will teach you a simple method for managing your spending.


Focus on what you control.