Erik Garcia

Erik Garcia


I was born and raised in New Orleans.  My wife Jennifer and I have 3 kids: Joshua, Alina, and Marisa.  Some of my favorite things are the Saints, soccer, cooking, coffee, the beach and fried chicken.  One of my favorite books is the book of Proverbs as it is full of wisdom for living life not to mention wisdom for managing resources.  Both of my parents are Cuban and I enjoy most everything about the culture I grew up in (particularly the food and the music).


As a financial advisor I help people manage their investments and make financial decisions that help them align their values with their money.  I help clients with 401(k) rollovers, retirement planning, getting out of debt and learning new savings habits.  People often consult with me on their most pressing financial concerns.


Money always intrigued me.  One of my earliest memories of “working with money” was when I was in 5th grade.   At the end of the day my grandfather would empty the change from his pockets into an ashtray and he’d let me take all the quarters.  I would then exchange the quarters for dollar bills with my uncle who needed quarters to ride the bus to work.  It was easier to carry around dollars when I need to buy baseball cards.


My second earliest memory dealing with money was something my dad would often say to me growing up (and he stills does today): “Son, if you make $5 save $2 and spend $3.  You never know when you will need the $2.”


Many years later, while enrolled at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business, I fell in love with the world of investments while doing a work study at the Burkenroad Reports.  That love was confirmed when one of my professors let me sit in with him while he traded one of his personal investment accounts.


In 2010 I co-founded an independent property and casualty insurance company, Garcia Insurance Services (continuing my family’s legacy in that arena of the financial services world).  I have an incredible team serving the people and businesses of of the greater New Orleans Area.


I take great joy and satisfaction when I can make a positive impact in the live’s of my clients and with those I interact with.