This all may sound oversimplified, and it is to a degree. I’ll admit it is way harder, and more complicated to execute, but if you can simply do these 3 things, you’re on your way to financial success.

Spend less than you make.

Living at the top end of your means can be risky. You have no margin of error. Worse yet, if you live above your means, you’re going into debt. The goal is to live on less than you make.

Save as much as you can.

Saving money builds your wealth. Saving money keeps you out of debt. Where should you save your money? Check out Pillar 4 in my eBook:

Don’t do anything foolish with your money.

“Foolish” is indeed subjective. My guess is that a few things may have entered your mind when you read this. Don’t do those things.

Are your spending patterns aligned with your financial future? Find out now. 

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