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Stuff About Money Podcast

We’d be rich if we had a dollar every time we heard someone say:

“I wish I knew 20 years ago what I know today about money.”

Compound Interest. Good debt vs bad debt. Understanding and planning for taxes.  Planning financially for children. The type of insurance to buy. The importance of contribution towards retirement.

They don't teach this stuff in school. 

Get ready, because we are talking stuff about money they didn’t teach you in school that you need to know.


Erik Garcia is an Investment Advisor that believes financial success is not only due to successful investing but more importantly healthy attitudes and behaviors about money. He specializes in working with families and business owners to make wise financial decisions ranging from savings, debt and investing. Learn more about Erik Garcia on his website.

Circle Icons- Xavier

Xavier Angel is a Wealth Strategist that takes a holistic approach to ensure financial security while exploring and achieving avenues for wealth accumulation. He spreads his wealth of knowledge to his clients that the money you earn matters and it is never too late to begin saving. Learn more about Xavier Angel on his website.

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