The Next Normal: Your Habits with Brandon Ecker

How can consistency help you achieve your goals? In today’s episode of the Building Us podcast, Brandon Ecker M. Ed., Certified CrossFit Trainer and Head Coach at CrossFit NOLA joins co-hosts Erik Garcia, CFP® and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT. Brandon talks about the significance of daily consistency, motivation empowerment, and what Crossfit is all about.

Episode Highlights:

  • Matt introduces Brandon Ecker. (5:38)
  • Brandon shares that the motivation and empowerment that you gain when focusing on winning each day are more rewarding and more predictive of lasting change. (8:44)
  • Brandon thinks that consistency is significant. (12:14)
  • Brandon shares that from his experience, he has some lofty fitness goals, but it’s hard to stay focused when they are far away chronologically. (12:38)
  • Brandon mentions one of the elements that empowered him was getting his design from his coach and treating it like a checklist. (13:00)
  • Brandon thinks that the design of the micro class, and the structure of the warm-up and cooldown, is one of the things that they have done well. (16:16)
  • Brandon shares that controlling the situations where you do have to make a tough decision and succeeding, could draw a lot of mental strength. (27:23)
  • Brad mentions that mental hardening potentially builds someone’s character. (27:54)
  • Brandon shares that you can benefit from all of the good habits that you’ve put into place. Because they’re part of you now, and you’re just chipping away goals along the way. (34:33)
  • Brandon mentions that CrossFit is about mechanics, consistency, and then intensity. (40:44)
  • Brandon shares that developing motor patterns that are incorrect are more difficult to change than coming than, than having like, no movement patterns at all or starting. (46:45)
  • Brandon mentions a book called One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way, by Robert Maurer. (56:02)

Key Quotes:

  • “Each morning, when we wake up, we get to start a new day. And like, it seems less daunting to think about winning the day or achieving what you need to achieve during the day than it does to think about winning the week or the month or year.” – Brandon Ecker
  • “So, if your goal is to show up, and you kind of are dotting those i’s and crossing those T’s for a while, then it’s not a goal that you really have to work for anymore. It’s just like a habit. And then you can push that envelope a little bit to the next level.”  – Brandon Ecker
  • “If the small steps can create the type of person that is achieving these benchmark goals that can always be progressed, then not only are you getting those things and cashing in on those transactions, but you’re also growing as an athlete, as whatever endeavor you’re in.”  – Brandon Ecker

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