Using the Enneagram to Build Stronger Personal and Business Relationships with Janine Crum & Christian Moore


In this episode of the Building Us podcast, co-hosts Erik Garcia, CFP® and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT interview Janine Crum, Certified Enneagram Coach, and Christian Moore, CVO of Real Good Group and Co-Founder of Agent Refined. Janine and Christian share their knowledge and expertise about the Enneagram and how it can be applied to your daily life.

Episode Highlights:

  • Erik introduces Janine Crum and Christian Moore. (1:58)
  • Janine shares her background and her career. (2:16)
  • Christian shares his background and his career. (2:47)
  • Erik shares a quick story about how he met Christian Moore. (3:13)
  • Erik mentions that he and Christian exchanged many ideas together, and Christian has been an influence in his life and his business. (3:23)
  • What is the Enneagram? (3:58)
  • Janine shares that Enneagram is a tool for personal development and personal growth that not only helps you identify yourself but how you operate within the bigger picture of the people in the world around you. (4:19)
  • Christian shares that by taking the Enneagram test, and by reading and understanding the differences and nuances of your key motivations and fears, you could discover which tool fits for you. (5:15)
  • Christian mentions one of the things that they learned about Enneagram is that your personality is not who you are. Rather, it’s a mechanism that you’ve learned over time, to deal with certain stresses and failures. (5:27)
  • Erik mentions that the word Enneagram comes from the Greek word Ennéa, meaning Nine. (6:53)
  • Janine explains the first to the fourth personality types. (7:33)
  • Could Janine and Christian give them a high-level summary connection or organization for understanding some of the numbers, and how they can relate to it? (8:23)
  • Janine mentions the set of the triad which is the heart, the head, the gut. (8:49)
  • Janine explains the general breakdown and the corresponding personality types on each triad. (8:59)
  • Is there an emphasis on the weakness, and what’s the remedy for it? (11:23)
  • Janine shares that she’s good at understanding emotions and understanding other people’s emotions, and dig down deep but that can also have a shadow side for her. Therefore, every type has something that they do well but could also hold them back. (11:43)
  • Christian mentions that you take on different characteristics to adapt to your environment, and what you need to do to understand your actual type is to find your core fears, then the key motivations. (12:43)
  • Janine mentions that most people miss type themselves in the beginning until they begin to tackle and see an overview of all the types. (13:10)
  • Is Christian a vengeful person? (13:49)
  • Christian mentions one of the things that he loves about the Enneagram is that it presupposes the spiritual being. (13:55)
  • Christian shares that it’s very difficult to believe in the Enneagram without believing in the concept of a spirit or soul. (14:29)
  • Janine explains the Enneagram Symbol. (18:32)
  • Janine mentions one of the cardinal rules about the Enneagram. (24:51)
  • Christian mentions that the core fear is feeling fear itself of actually being afraid, or being without support security. (27:05)
  • Matt mentions that an Enneagram is a tool for understanding yourself, understanding your worldview, and understanding your relationship with other people. (31:28)
  • How has the Enneagram helped in Janine and Christian’s relationship? (32:44)
  • Janine mentions that the Enneagram has single-handedly been the element that has grown her marriage, more than anything. (32:56)
  • Janine talks about the Enneagram Institute. (35:05)
  • Janine thinks that the Enneagram gave their marriage a direction on how to continue to grow. (35:44)
  • Christian mentions that his introduction to his Enneagram path started in business, but it has been beneficial for his marriage, as well. (40:45)
  • Christian shares that the aspect of type nine is that they understand every other number on the Enneagram better than they understand themselves. (44:48)
  • Janine shares that there’s a common saying amongst the Enneagramers that, the enneagram is neither a sword nor a shield. (45:55)
  • Does the Enneagram understand our number, our type, and our personality as being persistent, or as being malleable? (50:00)
  • Does our number change depend on who we’re among? (50:22)
  • Christian mentions that you were formed by the personality types of your parents, and how they are. (53:22)
  • Erik shares that having this conversation and trying to understand themselves, understand their blind spots, becoming more self-aware of how they got out of that posture, and talking through it in this context of personality, is the true value. (56:27)
  • Christian thinks that the Enneagram helps him see a person’s skill or natural ability. (59:29)
  • Janine shares that the growth part of the Enneagram is that you realize your strengths but you make them stronger by understanding that they inhabit your weakness. (1:00:33)
  • Christian thinks that there’s a difference between humanity and a person’s thought. (1:01:23)
  • Janine thinks that as you’re moving forward in your Enneagram journey, the best practical advice is to just keep going. Don’t stop because as you’re reading, you come against something that you don’t like about your type. (1:07:31)
  • Christian mentions one of the things that’s unique about the Enneagram is that there are levels of maturity. (1:08:22)

Key Quotes:

  • “It’s not just, you take a test, and you’re this thing. You take a test if you want, and discover more of who you are, how you’re naturally gifted, and how that helps the conversation with people around you, as well.” – Janine Crum
  • “Just because one type is more introverted or extroverted doesn’t mean you can’t do those things. So again, it’s about self-awareness and being able to use this awareness as a tool to love and, and take care of others ideally.” – Christian Moore
  • “Everybody has that core fear and then they have this core desire and we use our personalities to run from that core fear and achieve that core desire.” – Janine Crum
  • “If I understand my team better and what motivates them from fear, what motivates them from love, and I can communicate that way, then I can be a better leader.” – Christian Moore
  • “I think the key is that knowing yourself matters. So maybe more important than what you’re improving on is making sure that you are self-aware, and seeing yourself clearly.” – Christian Moore

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