The Entrepreneurial COVID Pivot with Michael Barr


In this episode of Building Us podcast, co-hosts Erik Garcia, CFP® and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT chat with guest Michael Barr, co-owner of OPA Signs & Graphics. Michael discusses the history of their family business, the challenges he has experienced, and the ways he has tackled those challenges. Michael also talks about how the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) has helped his business be successful, and how OPA went from making signs to making PPE in the era of COVID-19.

Episode Highlights:

  • Michael shares his background story. (3:09)
  • What are the challenges Michael has experienced, and how he has solved those challenges? (4:15)
  • Was it a difficult process for Michael to have the authority in their family business? (5:21)
  • Michael says that programs like the Goldman Sachs program are great because it will show you areas that you may not have a clear vision on.  (8:34)
  • Michael says that personal development was understanding that leadership is putting people in the right place.  (10:03)
  • Michael explains the difference between working on the business and working in the business. (11:33)
  • Michael talks about the opportunities that came in for his team during their shut down because of COVID. (15:25)
  • How was Michael’s transition from making signs to making PPE? And what kind of material are they using? (20:31)
  • Michael talks about the book Traction and a system called EOS, and how it helped OPA to be successful. (27:17)
  • Michael explains what traction and EOS are. (27:43)
  • Michael says the goal of EOS is to create a better, more efficient, harmonious business. (29:44)
  • Michael shares how technology has helped his team. (36:53)
  • Michael shares that his goal is to become an EOS in the future. (39:25)
  • Michael shares how the process of implementing new strategies affects the outcome of his team. (40:36)
  • Michael explains how data allows them to forecast what to expect in a few weeks or months. (42:27)
  • Michael explains why his perspective is unique. (45:32)
  • Michael says that he has a spark of wanting to always create something, whether it’s a new startup or an advocacy group. (48:09)
  • Michael talks about the language that they’ve established. (51:47)

Key Quotes:

  • “I still have that spark of wanting to always create something, whether it’s a new startup, or it’s an advocacy group or something” – Michael Barr
  • “Working on the business and working in the business are two different things.” – Michael Barr
  • “At some point, you’ve got to pull yourself out of the role that you play, and start to see some sort of vision for where you’re trying to go.” – Michael Barr
  • “For me, that personal development was understanding that leadership for me was putting people in the right place to succeed.” – Michael Barr

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