Giving can be fun, but giving takes practice. Giving may be one of the hardest things you do with your money at first, because it takes money away from something you wanted to buy for you and redirects it to someone else’s need.  But, needs are important, and sometimes people need real help.

Giving helps us think about other people and not always about ourselves. There are a lot of great organizations that you can give to and that is where the fun starts! There are a lot of different charities that do a lot of cool work in our community. Some work these organizations and charities may do includes: feeding the hungry, teaching kids to read and giving them books; building playgrounds; finding cures for different illnesses; even training service dogs.

Give Action List:

  • List 5 organizations you would like to give to
  • Set your “Give” money aside every time you get money
  • Discuss the need of the different charities you selected
  • “Give” the money to your selected charity(s) on a regular basis
  • Volunteer with the charities you give to, when everyone helps, the job gets easier!