Let’s face it.  Teaching kids about money seems hard.  It isn’t nearly as exciting as learning about the latest and greatest video game on the market.  As a matter of fact, most kids only want to talk about money when they want to SPEND YOURS.

But it’s really important to teach them.  No one ever plans for their child to grow up and be broke, or lack money management skills.  But it happens every day.

Every time you go to the store, you probably have to discuss with your kids how they can earn money to buy the things they want, or you finally just break down and buy it for them.  This only teaches them that if they “wear you down”, you will give in.  When they become adults, however, no one will give in to them like you did.  They need to learn about how to use resources wisely.

We want to teach our kids to be good stewards.

Good financial stewardship is a fancy way of saying being responsible with money.  If we can teach our kids to do 4 things wisely with their money (Spend, Save, Give and Invest), then we can set them on a course to become good stewards when they grow up.