How Our Investment Services Work:

  • We help you determine the purpose of the money you are investing – is it for retirement; is it for emergencies; is it for the purchase of a new home?
  • We gauge your tolerance for market volatility – the market goes up and down. Some of us handle it better than others.
  • We propose an investment strategy that we feel fits with your stated purpose and your tolerance for risk.

Our Investment Philosophy:

  • Investment strategies start with an intended objective.
  • The purpose attached to your money is the main factor in where you invest it.
  • A successful investment strategy starts and ends with discipline.
  • Investment decisions should not be made emotionally or on hot tips.
  • Diversifying your money in different types of investments is key to successful investing.
  • The amount of money you have in the future is driven more by the amount you save and less by the rate of return (or interest) you earn on your money.

Why Pay Someone to Manage Your Money:

  • You have concerns about losing money in the markets and you need someone to keep you disciplined when fear and euphoria are at their highest.
  • You want access to institutional investments that are not accessible to all investors.
  • You dislike dealing with your money as it makes you uncomfortable.
  • You prefer to spend your time pursuing your life passions and not worried about researching, selecting, and rebalancing your investments.