Plan Wisely, live confidently is about becoming a wise steward of your money. My approach to financial planning is based on stewardship and provision. You work hard to earn your money, therefore, be a good, wise steward with it so that you can provide for you and your family today and well into the future with confidence.

The Financial Health Snapshot is a program I offer that helps you find your financial starting point. We take into account all of the pieces: spending, allocating, saving and investing your money in the right places. We take an inventory of your assets and debts and figure out practical solutions to keep you on track to meet your financial goals. You need a realistic picture of where you stand financially so that you can make confident financial decisions. Planning brings you peace of mind which leads to confident living.

Many people find managing their own investment portfolio can be overwhelming, the options are unending and the information available is vast and often contradicting. We work with our clients to remove the anxiety of investing so that they can have confidence in their financial future.

If you would like a second opinion on your investment program or if you want to find where your financial starting point is call me or send me an email.

About Erik Garcia

Hi there, I'm Erik. How you manage your money and other resources impacts practically every aspect of your life. I help individuals and families invest plan for a more secure and predictable financial future. Thanks for taking time on my site!

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