Building Families: Meet Life Bosses

Ashley Angelico and Elizabeth Schmelling built New Orleans’ premiere digital parenting resource. Serving both residents and visitors to New Orleans, Ashley and Elizabeth have become ambassadors for New Orleans and advocates for families. Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT, and Erik Garcia, CFP®, discuss with these “life bosses”, the secret to their success, while maintaining work-life balance. Ashley and Elizabeth share how their side hustle turned into a full-time job, all the while doing what they are passionate about…building families. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Elizabeth and Ashley share their background. (3:47)
  • What’s Elizabeth’s top transferable skill that she brought from corporate accounting to the New Orleans mom blog? (6:47)
  • Ashley shares why the enneagram has been immensely helpful. (11:21)
  • How does Elizabeth manage a work-life balance? (14:47)
  • Ashley gives a little background about their business. (17:45)
  • Elizabeth shares how their business has evolved. (20:06)
  • How did they transition from part-time to full-time? (23:15)
  • Ashley talks about their first ever event and plans for the future. (25:40)
  • Elizabeth shares a personal story in a blog she’s written. (32:17)
  • What are some topics Elizabeth has discovered moms are really interested in? (36:15)
  • How do Ashley and Elizabeth approach creating content for diverse groups? (38:34)

Key Quotes:

  • “The website is designed to be optimized for people that are specifically looking for what we’re offering. That’s… things to do in New Orleans, raising a family in New Orleans, traveling to New Orleans with kids. So, we’ve worked really hard over the past nine years to make sure that we’re a top-ranked website when it comes to seeking that information out. So, anybody who finds us can use us.” – Ashley Angelico
  • “Finding stories and local moms who have experienced the same thing, to help you feel that you’re not on this journey alone…To advocate for yourself, your kids, and your family. I feel like if that’s one of the ways we can help others and navigate through those challenges… then, that’s what we’re here for.” – Elizabeth Schmelling
  • “A lot of humans, not just moms, are nervous and intimidated by the idea of sharing their voice. A lot of people think that they don’t have something to say, or they don’t have something of value to say. Elizabeth and I always try to remind people… if you are human, you have something to share. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional writer or if you’ve ever written before, formally. If you have been through something…which if you’re human, you have…we want to hear from you.” – Ashley Angelico

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