This time of year there is a game that we play around our house.  It’s called “Let’s be honest”.

It started years ago in preparation for the deluge of new stuff (toys) my wife knew our kids would get over the Christmas season.

Here’s how it goes:

1.  The kids go through their toys one by one and we ask them, “Let’s be honest, do you play with this anymore?”

2.  If the answer is yes, they can keep it.  If the answer is no, we give it away.

Be Honest

When you play the game right, meaning you are honest with yourself and the other player, it is a very rewarding game. Clearing clutter and keeping what matters most is refreshing.

I got on a roll and started going through other household stuff asking myself the question, “Let’s be honest Erik, are you ever going to use this?”  Then I went through my closet and cleared out loads of clothes.

Then at work I started playing “Let’s be honest” with some staff.  “Let’s be honest, this stack of files from 2011, will you ever really refer back to them?”

The feeling of clearing clutter and focusing on those things that matter most is addicting.  So far this month I’ve cast aside books, old papers, the 3 corded Dell keyboards collecting dust, and several wires that I am sure served a purpose at some point.
I’m even asking this question as I plan my personal and business goals for the next year.

“Let’s be honest Erik, is pursuing this goal worthy of your time?

Time is our most valuable asset.

I want to spend my time on what matters most and pursuing goals that are most meaningful to me.

Your turn

No it’s your turn.  Make space for the things that matter most in your life.

You will thank yourself!

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