Feeling Upside Down? Helping Kids Thrive Through the Pandemic…One Year Later with Dr. Laura Hernandez

One year later, “Feeling Upside Down?”, the poem Dr. Laura Hernandez penned to help kids cope with the pandemic, is still relevant. Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT and Erik Garcia, CFP® discuss with Dr. Hernandez the lessons adults can learn from kids in dealing with complicated circumstances in this episode of the Building Us podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Laura Hernandez shares her background. (5:45)
  • How has the pandemic impacted Dr. Laura Hernandez’s practice?. (6:46)
  • Dr. Laura Hernandez shares how the pandemic has changed her personal life. (7:36)
  • Why do disruptive events force people to change? (9:34)
  • Dr. Laura Hernandez shares her poem entitled, Feeling Upside Down. (15:16)
  • Dr. Laura Hernandez shares the origins of her poem. (18:59)
  • What is one of Dr. Laura Hernandez’s biggest passions? (21:02)
  • Dr. Laura Hernandez shares why it’s okay to feel a little upside down. (23:35)
  • What would Dr. Laura Hernandez recommend to help kids stay grounded? (28:10)
  • Dr. Laura Hernandez discusses ways to practice gratitude. (38:01)
  • Dr. Laura Hernandez shares the significance of flexibility. (44:04)

Key Quotes:

  • “I knew having more time with each family, the parents, the children and adolescence was going to be so fulfilling. I think just the switch… human beings, we don’t love change. So, I think just kind of shifting from what I was used to, with a typical school setting was sort of an adjustment. But, it’s been really fun. I feel like I’m growing and loving it.” – Dr. Laura Hernandez
  • “When our world seems rocky, like we’re on a roller coaster going too fast… think about all you’ve learned to help you on your path. Remember, we’re all in this together. Take one moment at a time. Things are a little different. But let’s be an encourager and be kind.” – Dr. Laura Hernandez
  • “I think the mindful piece of it is that big pause button has helped us to reevaluate and be mindful of the things that either we need to add into our day, or things we were doing that maybe we didn’t even realize were, or part of, what made us who we were.” – Dr. Laura Hernandez

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