“Give To Others” with Billy Wagner

Join Erik Garcia, CFP®, and guest co-host Billy Wagner in their new mini-podcast series, “Insurance Professionals Are Givers,” as they explore Erik’s fifth pillar of financial security: “Give To Others.” Discover how generosity isn’t just about material wealth—it’s about finding joy and happiness through cheerful giving.

In each episode, Erik and Billy sit down with different insurance professionals, delving into how these individuals are shaping legacies for their families and impacting their communities through their acts of generosity.

Tune in weekly to uncover the inspiration and drive behind their giving, as they share heartfelt stories of causes close to their hearts and the transformative power of giving to others.

Get ready to be inspired and empowered to give back and forge deeper connections within your own communities. Remember, giving isn’t tied to a season—it’s a mindset that fosters lasting change and fulfillment.

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