Beyond the Counter: Prescribe Financial Security for Your Future as a Pharmacist

As a pharmacist, when should I start saving for my retirement, and how much? What type of investments are best for me early in my profession? How much should I save and how much can I spend on travel, shopping, etc? How can I protect my income and business from unplanned health circumstances?


I'm Xavier, the financial planner for pharmacists. You built a thriving pharmacy, but let's face it, keeping track of cash flow amidst prescription chaos is no easy feat. I help pharmacists like you turn pill counts into personal wealth by streamlining your finances. Leverage my expertise to ditch the spreadsheet stress and focus on what you love – caring for patients. Let's unlock your pharmacy's earning potential and prescribe financial security. Learn more below:

Built Specifically For Pharmacists


Your pharmacy is your pride and joy, but it can also be a demanding job. Like agency owners, pharmacists understand the importance of prioritizing their time and energy for what truly matters. That's where we come in.


Leverage our Experience

We're not just financial advisors; we understand the pressure of prescriptions, inventory, and insurance. As CFPs we become your trusted financial confidant.


Increase ROT

With our guidance, you can maximize your Return On Time. We'll help you manage your finances, grow your wealth, and free up your time to pursue passions beyond the dispensary – whether it's travel, hobbies, or spending more time with loved ones.

The Process That Makes Finances Flexible For Pharmacists AND Do What They Want In Life:

Define Your Exit Strategy

We'll brainstorm and strategize until you have a clearly defined roadmap for your pharmacy, investments, and retirement.

Building Blueprints

Together, we'll architect a financial blueprint closely aligned with your defined exit strategy to help you reach your target goals.

Execute Your Plan

Through careful and proactive planning we'll implement and execute on your customized financial blueprint.

Monitor & Manage

When you work with us, we're truly your financial planning partner. We'll provide ongoing management, monitoring and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not in the traditional sense, no. You hire us to deliver value. If we stop delivering value, you can end the relationship.

Yes. Many of our recommendations will impact your taxes and your estate plan. We are happy to have conversations with any and all of your professional advisors.

We do not prepare tax returns. However, we will request your returns annually to review as your return generally influences many of our recommendations.

We understand your pharmacy finances. But our firm does not provide direct advice on managing your business finances. Sometimes our recommendations will overlap with your business finances, to which we would gladly consult with you and your CPA or CFO.

We believe the stock market rewards those who stay invested, and therefore we build portfolios that will encourage our clients to stay the course. Investment strategies start with an intended objective, and attaching purpose to your money is a main factor in where you invest it.  A successful investment strategy starts and ends with discipline.  We build portfolios by selecting investments that have historically outperformed in down markets while still delivering favorable returns in positive years.

We get paid in several ways depending on how you choose to work with us.  When we directly manage investments, our compensation is based on a percentage of your account value.  In our financial planning work, the cost is either a one-time planning fee and/or an ongoing monthly fee.

Plan Wisely

Case Study

Troy & Stephanie

Primary Goals: How will I pay off my student loans, purchase a home, and still invest for the future amidst all my current debt? They would also like to make plans for starting a family in the next few years.



The Challenge

Troy and Stephanie are not thinking about retirement. Not because they do not want to retire, but because they are still young. They enjoy traveling when their schedule allows for it and would like to have children in the future.


Their challenge isn’t overcoming any financial mistakes or limitations, they have been doing everything right. They both contribute to their company retirement program and generate a combined income of six-figures.


Stephanie’s concern is how to pay off their student loans, reducing the amount of taxes that comes out of their paycheck, and continuing to save for their future goals.

  • Generating high six-figure incomes.
  • Contributing to their retirement vehicles.
  • Protecting themselves with the right types of insurance.


The Next Step

A young married couple, ages 32 and 29. They recently got married and are building careers in the medical profession. Troy is an ER doctor and Laura is a retail Pharmacist.

They both enjoy their careers, but they would like to achieve financial independence in the event Stephanie decides to change her career or decides to become a stay-at-home mother. They are excited and have lots of plans. However, their student loan debt that they are currently paying back keeps them up at night.

The results:

In partnership with their financial planner, they created a plan to address their most pressing concerns. 

They now have a:

  • A tax-efficient investment strategy to reduce risk and improve returns
  • Transparency in their investment costs
  • The proper retirement account to save in
  • A plan to better manage cash flow
  • Confidence that Stephanie could leave her job

They onboarded an easy-to-use online personal financial website that securely helped them organize their entire financial life.

Troy and Stephanie now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a clear plan and having regular access to a financial planner who understands their values and the financial circumstances that can help them make ongoing financial decisions.