Early Years: The Building Us Story


In this episode of Building Us podcast, co-hosts Erik Garcia, CFP® and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT discuss the impacts of money on relationships and business, the significance of investing in relationships, the benefits of seeking professional help through counseling, and how the Building Us podcast has evolved.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is Matt’s earliest memory of money? (1:09)
  • Matt shares a memory of his younger years. (1:26)
  • Erik shares his childhood memory. (2:56)
  • What is Matt’s first memory with Erik professionally working together? (4:56)
  • Matt shares that money has been part of his consultations with couples for years, and there had always been couples that dealt with financial situations that had crossed beyond his professional training and expertise. (5:29)
  • Matt mentions that divorce negatively impacts women, greater than men financially. (6:52)
  • Matt shares a story about his colleague who was always worried about her income and expenses. (8:03)
  • Erik shares that people form relationships with their money in a certain way. It may sound odd but in some way, we relate to our money a little differently, and some are healthier than others. (10:16)
  • Erik explains the difference between financial advising and financial counseling. (11:00)
  • Matt talks about financial therapy. (14:00)
  • What kind of training did Erik acquire? (14:29)
  • Erik says that there is an emphasis and a major boost when it comes to working with women. (15:14)
  • Erik mentions that nowadays, many people have been discussing behavioral finance. (16:40)
  • Does Erik remember the time when Matt invited him to a conference? (17:53)
  • Erik talks about their PowerPoint presentation entitled, Muddy Waters. (18:04)
  • Erik mentions his ebook, Five Pillars of Financial Security: A Guide To Managing Your Money. (19:02)
  • Matt says that you can ruin your family if you don’t have a sensible financial skill. (19:57)
  • Does Matt remember the worksheets that Erik developed? (20:37)
  • Erik shares that shifting from investment management to the financial counseling aspect is the trajectory that he’s been focusing on his business. (24:11)
  • Matt shares that years ago, part of a sub-discipline of family therapy was working to consult with family businesses. (27:44)
  • Matt talks about premarital counseling. (29:46)
  • Erik mentions their promotional video for, Building Us. (31:09)
  • Erik knows that both of them are passionate about their career. (39:04)

Key Quotes:

  • “We talked about relationships all the time, and just sitting down and reminiscing I think is such a… strong kind of bonding experience for relationships.” – Erik Garcia
  • “We’re now both in a place in life where we can do this. Yeah, it’s fun and you’re able to do different things at different phases of life.” – Matt Morris
  • “It’s important to look forward to other things that can happen as life progresses, your family develops, and time moves on. I keep saying… We’re in a season of life, I’m in a season of life where the days are often long, but the years are short.” – Matt Morris

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