Do you know what your mom/wife is worth?  With Mother’s Day around the corner, you should give it some thought. Whether she works outside of the house or if she’s a stay-at-home mom or if she home-schools your children (like my wife), chances are you can’t afford her – if you had to pay her.


Jens Check has made it easy to calculate what the mother of your children would be paid if you actually compensated her. Every year they look at what employers would pay for the same knowledge and skills that moms use everyday. Read more here.

Mothering may be the most underrated job ever known to mankind

In 2016 the average stay-at-home mom’s salary would be $143,102 and for the working mom, their average salary in 2016 would be $90,223!


 We need more than one day to honor our mothers and wives




I’m not sure words can do justice to express how much moms are appreciated, but it’s worth a shot.  So to all you moms who pour out your heart and souls into your family…

THANK YOU! Happy Mother’s Day!

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