Bánh Mìs, Daiquiris & Celebrating Financial Milestones

Bánh Mìs and Daiquiris have nothing to do with money. But what better way to celebrate achieving a financial milestone than with a bang bang shrimp Bánh Mì (Vietnamese po-boy) and a crawgator Daiquiri?

In this episode of the Stuff About Money podcast, Erik Garcia, CFP®, BFA celebrates with Xavier Angel, CFP®, ChFC, CLTC as he recently achieved a financial goal that took self-discipline and a lot of delayed gratification. And driving around an old 2008 Honda!

Episode Highlights:

  • Xavier discusses his recent financial experiences, including unexpected debt incurred from traveling to help his daughter move to DC, and the challenges with his current car, including the AC breaking down. (4:28)
  • Xavier shares that he set a goal that if he was able to pay off his debt by October 1st, he would get a new car. (7:47)
  • Erik discusses the importance of celebrating milestones along the financial journey, even if it temporarily sets back the ultimate goal. (13:44)
  • Xavier shares how they successfully retrained themselves over a four-month period to change their daily habits and stay out of debt, and now their goal is to continue this behavior. (17:05)
  • Xavier challenges listeners to set meaningful goals for the upcoming year and find an accountability partner to ensure that they follow through and celebrate their achievements. (19:54)
  • Erik mentions that financial planners are hired not just to manage money, but to help clients achieve important life goals and make sound financial decisions by providing outside perspective and guidance. (22:22)

Key Quotes:

  • “When we go out and we set these goals, when we meet those goals, celebrate them. Celebrate when you come through and you meet a goal.” – Xavier Angel, CFP®, ChFC, CLTC
  • “I like this idea of, yes, we celebrate goals, milestones along the way that are in line with that, are kind of pointing us towards our long term kind of vision, our long term purpose, or long term values.” – Erik Garcia, CFP®, BFA
  • “This is not just about saving for the sake of saving or spending less for the sake of spending less. This is saving and spending less, because there’s something that has a purpose more important in your life.” – Erik Garcia, CFP®, BFA

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