Always be giving with Gertha Jean

Hear how Gertha passionately serves her community and meets the needs of others. She says, “Bless others as you are blessed”, and “If we have and you need it, come and get it”.

Welcome to “Insurance Professionals Are Givers,” a podcast series led by Erik Garcia CFP® and guest co-host Billy Wagner, exploring the essence of Erik’s fifth pillar of financial security: “Give To Others.” Dive into engaging conversations with diverse insurance professionals as they share their journeys of creating legacies for their families and leaving a meaningful impact on their communities through generous acts. Discover the driving forces behind their giving, heartfelt stories of their chosen causes, and the profound transformations sparked by their dedication to giving back. Prepare to be inspired to engage with your community in profound ways, reminding us all that giving isn’t confined to a season—it’s a mindset that cultivates lasting connections and fulfillment.

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