Garcia Financial Group is a New Orleans based independent financial services firm.

Our  approach to financial planning is based on stewardship and provision.  We believe that you must be a wise steward with the money you work hard to earn so that you can provide for your family today and well into the future.

We believe financial success is not only due to successful investing but more importantly healthy attitudes and behaviors towards money.  We developed our Five Pillars to a Confident Financial Plan that we believe position our clients for high degree of financial success.

My desire is for my clients to live the life they are working hard to enjoy by helping them make financial decisions consistent with their life plans.  And I don’t want them worrying about their investments.  I want them to be confident that their money has been invested according to their goals. Erik Garcia

Beyond our investment advisory services, we have developed additional programs to teach people about wise money management.

Start Young is an educational program that we developed to equip our clients with kids and grand-kids with tools to teach them about wise money habits.

Building Us is an innovative program that combines relationship counseling and financial advising designed to give couples a solid foundation for their marriage.

“Plans fail without good advice.  But they succeed with many advisors.”

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