Financial Planning

Financial Assessments

Understanding your financial attitudes towards money can be key in creating a sustainable plan to build wealth.  I’ve partnered with Data Points to offer financial assessments to help identify key behaviors and attitudes that impact your financial success long-term. 

Understanding these money-related attitudes can help you identify areas where how you view money management might be in conflict with the best way for you to reach your financial goals.

Our assessments include:

  • Financial Perspective:  Begin to understand your money-related attitudes and how they might impact overall financial behaviors.
  • Building Wealth:  We give you objective data to help you build and maintain effective wealth-related behaviors.

Price: $300 for the assessments and a face to face video call to discuss your results.

Financial Health Snapshot Consultation

Sometimes all you need to get going financially is a little guidance.

The Snapshot consultation includes our Building Wealth Financial assessment and a current snapshot of your financial picture through the lens of our 5 Pillars.

The objective of the Snapshot Consultation, is to look at your financial picture, determine your goals and build a plan around your two most pressing financial issues. We’ll have a final follow-up 1 – 3 months after to make sure you’re making progress.

Price: $750-$1200 one time fee based on the complexity of your situation.

Planning Relationship

Most clients benefit from a long-term relationship with their financial planner who is able to address ongoing financial concerns as life happens.

With a Planning Relationship, we will work collaboratively with you, on an ongoing basis, to keep you going in the right direction.

We start with the Financial Health Snapshot, move to addressing all your financial concerns and build a plan around them including debt, retirement savings, investment planning, college planning, starting a new business, insurance and getting your wills/trusts in order, etc. We want to help you align your financial world with your values so that you live the life you want.

With the planning relationship you get:

  • To set the frequency of our meetings
  • Unlimited access to us via email

It is invaluable to have an advisor that knows your history, your financial habits, your priorities and your financial situation to guide you when important decisions need to be made.

Price: $500-$1000 upfront and $100 – $300 monthly based on your situation.

Hourly Consultation

If neither option works for you, we are available for hourly consultation at $125 per hour

Building Us

Building us is an innovative premarital counseling program that combines relationship counseling with Financial advising. Jointly developed with Dr. Matt Morris, Building Us is designed to give couples a solid foundation prior to the wedding and during their first year of marriage. Learn More Here.