Live Confidently

I believe plans fail without good advice.  But they succeed with many advisers.  As a financial advisor I am sought out for sound financial advice because money is an integral part of everyday life.  We spend a lot of time earning it, spending it, complaining about it, and fighting about it.

From investing to insurance & spending to entrepreneurship, my blog focuses on Planning Wisely.  My goal is to help individuals, families, and business owners make wise financial decisions.  Planning wisely leads to living confidently.  Confidence leads to success.

As a financial advisor the majority of my posts will deal with money, but I am also passionate about my other roles as father, husband, business owner, and leader.  As such I will venture off the topic of money from time to time.

My hope is that you find the articles, the blogs, and the videos I post valuable to your success.  Live confidently!