Is your current Financial Planner forgetting something important?

Chances are, the answer is yes.

In speaking to our prospective clients and industry peers, we have been surprised to discover that very few, if any, Financial Planners are addressing Property & Casualty insurance exposures as a part of the clients’ overall financial plan.

In our opinion, failure to do so is a gross oversight that could put the client at serious risk for financial loss.

Whether it be your autos, home, rental property, or umbrella, having robust insurance coverage is serious business. While many of the mainstream insurance brands want you to believe that insurance is all about cutting cost, the reality is, insurance is a critical component of any successful financial plan and should never be viewed through the lens of an expense.

It is truly an investment in your financial wellbeing, and should be treated as such.

At Garcia Financial Group, we have addressed these concerns for many years for our clients, with our comprehensive coverage/cost audit and analysis.

This complimentary service has uncovered more coverage shortcomings than our clients would like to admit.

The reality is, most insurance consumers don’t know what they don’t know about insurance, so they go with whatever is most cost effective, not realizing what their options truly are, and what the proper level of coverage actually is.

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